Online-remote intructor led Program

Data structures, Algorithms & System design

curriculum that targets Faang level interviews
*FAANG: Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google

The essential programming knowledge to ace interviews for beginners and professionals.

1 months
Intermediate level JS/Python
Developer working on a laptop

we are designed for your success

We want to set you up for long-term success. This program enables you to have a right mindset for a sustainable tech career.

Focus on problem-solving mindset.

We discourage memorising a few types of problems and their techniques. You build an application mindset that allows you to develop problem solving abilities for any type of problem.

Focus on large system design.

Program takes you step-by-step through large system design concepts and techniques.

Application Techniques
Problem Use-cases in each subject area
Hrs. of Mentorship time
Practice Problems

Remote learning as good as on-premise

We use a host of tools, technologies and systems to give you the same on-premise experience, online.

Problem solving

Frontend, backend, databases, devops, methodologies & tools.

Team-based projects

End-to-end, production-class product development

1-on-1 mentorship

Data structures and Algorithms

Use of cloud infrastructure

Data structures and Algorithms

What do we cover

1. Foundations

JS/Python Recap

Mathematics Foundation

Algorithmic Thinking

2. Data Structures


Linked List(Single, Double, Circular)



Binary Tree

Binary Search Tree





Advanced Lists

3. Algorithms

Analysis of Algorithms

Searching and Sorting

Greedy Algorithms

Dynamic Programming


Divide and Conquer

Geometric Algorithms

Bit Algorithms

Graph Algoritms

Randomised Algorithms

Branch and Bound

3. System Design

Approaching System Design

Anatomy of Scalable Backends

Distributed File System Design

Distributed Processing

Distributed Caching

Partitioning Functions

Dynamic Sharding

Consistent Hashing

Sorting Large Data

Database Indexing


Which Database to Use

Load Balancers

Key-Value Stores

Wide Column Stores

Nearest Neighbours Search

Designing Web Backends

Messaging Backend

LaguGuru Session on laptop
1-on-1 mentorship

Learn 1-on-1 with real practitioners

  • Live mentorship sessions for learning
  • Detailed code reviews, feedback and guidance
  • Career guidance & tips
  • Team based projects

Start your journey today

Master your Data Structures & Algorithms before that next big tech role, with the most comprehensive program available.

  • Most comprehensive curriculum that covers all corners
  • Practice unlimited problems to become better
  • Live mentorship with industry-rated mentorship
  • Essential program for product company interview prep
  • Real life application of concepts
  • Fastest ROI

Master your Data Structures & Algorithms

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₹23,999 for 1 months*

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