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Fullstack developer career path

According to LinkedIN's Emerging Job Report 2020(USA)
Learn with real industry practitioners, 1-on-1. Get hands on experience by building projects, and become a Fullstack developer ready to get hired in just 4 months!
3-6 Months
1-on-1 Mentorship
Learning Mode
1-on-1 Mentorship-Based Program(Online)

Software Product Engineering Program(India)

According to LinkedIN's Emerging Job Report 2020(India)

Learn to build real web and mobile applications.
1-to-1 mentorship & experience-based learning with real projects and teams.

Become a Professional Product(Software) Engineer and launch your tech career.

4 Months
1-on-1 mentorshp online
Beginner to expert
Mentorship time
Portfolio projects
Domain Specializations

Our graduates work here:

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Launch your career in an in-demand & fastest growing career

A product engineer makes web and mobile apps that we use everyday. The make how the app looks, functions and keep running.
Average entry level salary(US):
INR 7,00,000 per year
Current open positions (India):
Fastest growing tech stack:
JavaScript(source: Stackoverflow)
Fullstack developers get hired in
Start-ups/Top-Tech Companies/ Freelancing/ Remote Jobs

Domain Specialisation that allows you to work in these emerging domains:







Be in the top 2% of the world's developers

You get a 360° learning experience that puts you in the top 2% of developers in the world. Focus on fundamentals and experience based learning.

True Fullstack

Frontend, backend, databases, devops, methodologies & tools.

Experiential Learning

You build projects, as you learn throughout the journey

CS Fundamentals

Data structures and Algorithms

Experience-based learning

End-to-end, production-class product development

You learn tech when you apply yourself. At goHarness, you get to build real web & mobile apps by applying whatever you learn.

CS Fundamentals

Data structures and Algorithms

Build your Computer Science fundamentals by acing Data Structures and Algorithms. This helps you ace any interview with ease.

1-on-1 mentorship

Learn 1-on-1 with real industry experts

Build your Computer Science fundamentals by acing Data Structures and Algorithms. This helps you ace any interview with ease.

1-to-1 Mentorship

Learn 1-on-1 with a dedicated mentor.

Targeted career path

Prepare your portfolio, networking & interview prep

Agile Team Projects

Work with teams on complex projects

Master the Javascript techstack

Curriculum updated every 3 weeks

The fastest growing tech stack.
Master the most in-demand tech stack in the tech industry: the JavaScript(JS) tech stack. Javascript, ReactJS, React Native, NodeJS, MongoDB, Git, Wepack, and other DevOps tools.

Program roadmap

Fullstack developer
Fullstack developer pro
Phase 1

Frontend foundation

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery and Javascript

Phase 2

Advanced javascript

The 4 pillars of javascript: Functional, object-oriented, asynchronous and modern JS

Phase 3

React mastery

React.js foundation, react-redux, react-router, react-forms, react-strap, react-material

Phase 4

Backend mastery with Node

Node.js foundation, API-Express(GraphQL), streams, routing, events, mongoDB

Phase 5

Guided project

15-day guided project (end of fullstack developer program)

Phase 6

AGILE Methodology (pro)

Introduction to AGILE development, understanding SCRUM, sprints and releases.

Phase 7

Tools foundation (pro)

Intermediate Git, Grunt, Gulp, CircleCI & Jenkins

Phase 8

Product Design (pro)

Product UI deign and wire-framing, user story map & user stories, and product development setup

Phase 9

Product Development (pro)

Coding standards, architecture standards, DB design standards, code reviews

Phase 10

Product Development contd.(pro)

Security, API management, unit testing/TDD, show & tells, code reviews

Phase 11

Product Development contd. (pro)

Product presentations, refactoring, optimizations, code reviews

Phase 12

Career services

Prepare for interviews, apply for jobs and launch your tech career

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Program Roadmap


Front-end basics:

The bootcamp will start with the orientation and where the students will meet their team members and mentors. The basic foundation of the front-end technologies will be built.

HTML, CSS and Bootstrap
:  You will be introduced to the different basic front-end technologies like HTML, CSS and Bootstrap. Build the foundation needed for front end technologies, understand web architecture HTML 5 elements, forms and inputs, geolocation, storage and application cache. Learn CSS fundamentals, animations, CSS preprocessors.

JS & Jquery:

An amazing introduction of the world of Javascript will be introduced which is a complete fullstack language. You will learn JS fundamentals: controls, functions, object oriented programing, call-backs, delegation and event handling. The skills will be sharpened to build slick interactive websites with JQuery to understand AJAX and HTTP request/response.


This module will end by developing a dynamic fully functional and responsive website using all the skills that you learned.


react redux:

The most popular front-end framework will be introduced which is used by all the important tech companies in the world: ReactJS and redux. All the core concepts of react and Redux will be taught. The students can choose either Angular or React as the front end framework. The choice is between MEAN stack and MERN stack.


The new phase starts with entering the back-end world. The best practice approach to learning Node.js will be there. You will learn core Node.js modules, Node.js Shell and file system using Require, Module and Exports.Existing Projects will be Modularized. You would be implementing personal projects to get a rock-solid understanding of Node.js and its application entities.

Express and Mongodb:

 Databases will be introduced: Templates will be rendered iith Express View Engines HTTP Methods: Forms, Data Transfers, & Routing Intro to Socket.io Applications with Real-time Communication. Learn Jade Template engine, Express.js API. 
    Introduction to MongoDB: CRUD Operations for MongoDB. Intro to Mongoose: Mongoose Communication with MongoDB , Mongoose Methods Data Validation with Mongoose, RESTful Routing with Mongoose & Express.


This module will end by developing a fully functional project using all the learned skills.


Agile & Devops:

You would be learning array tools as part of your learning in this phase. Package Managers NPM and Bower, templating engine like Jade, cloud environments like Heruku, pubnub and Amazon Web Services (AWS). You will also learn testing tools like Mocha for testing applications. A foundation level understanding of dev ops will also be a significant part of the knowledge set where continuous integration and deployment will be experienced. There will also be special focus sessions like application performance management using New Relic tool. Deployment focus on learning how to deploy code along with tools for continuous integration

Data structure and Algorithms:

We focus on developing algorithmic thinking which is the foundation of computer science. Our data structure and algorithms phase of the Bootcamp will not only build a deep understanding of algorithms but also build a strong base of applying these to real-world scenarios.

product development:

In this module you will build an Internet consumer product besides personal mini products, which will make you a pro in front end and server side programming. The projects will be guided product development with product requirements clearly laid out. Students will learn how to translate requirements to code, develop product to coding standards and learn how to carry out code reviews and understand. You would also be guided to develop clones of popular internet apps, if you choose to take up the challenge.


Mock interviews:

Once the student is confident with all the skills, our team will arrange the mock interviews to sharpen the technical communication skills, master the interviews, showoff the github projects and prepare them for the real-time interviews in all the service and product companies.

Company mapping:

Our team will then map the students with the best companies suitable as per the strengths and weaknesses of that student. Few will be more suitable to work on the front-end technologies and few on the back-end.

Representation and arranging interviews:

The students will be represented depending on their strengths in the best suitable companies. the interviews will be scheduled by our dedicated team.

1-2 Weeks


Before you dive into programming, you need to think like a programmer. In the pre-work phase you will do problem solving. You will learn basics of programming and computational thinking.
Start with basics of programming, logic and algorithms.
3-5 Weeks


Learn front-end fundamentals and master the concepts of JavaScript.
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javascript logo JS
Now you are ready to start programming. You will start with basics of Javascript, then move to advance concepts. This phase also has fundamentals of front-end development.
6-8 Weeks


Master your core programming frameworks, best case practices and learn React.JS, MongoDB and Node.JS.
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After the grounding phase, you will learn the front-end and back-end frameworks of Javascript, along with tools and techniques that you will use in your job. You will learn ReactJS, Node.Js and MongoDB.
9-11 Weeks


Build your portfolio projects, use your programing skills to get real industry experience. Work on Agile.
Professional Scrum Developer logo icon
As you are well-versed with the Javascript Tech Stack (MERN), you will build your portfolio project. This will give you exposure to the complete software development life-cycle. Your portfolio project is what will get your prospective employer excited about. It will give you the crucial edge needed to get you hired. Your bootcamp is complete after your project.
12th Week


Prepare for interviews, build your portfolio and start applying for jobs. Our career services team will help you launch your tech career.
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It is now time to Launch Your Tech Career. You can choose to go ahead and start your tech career, or continue your specialisation in a specific tech domain.
12+ Weeks

Ongoing career support

You get hired as a Developer! Congratulations! You have now got the jump start to work lifelong in Tech.
Career support till you get hired.
1-on-1 mentorship

Pillars of mentorship at LaghuGuru

At LaghuGuru, you get 1-on-1 mentorship from industry practitioners throughout your learning journey. Whether you are learning your first code or building a industry-level product, our mentors help you every step of the way.

1-on-1 subject sessions

1-on-1 interaction with your mentor for clarity on the subject matter. You get access to your mentor over live video sessions. Your mentor takes you through the curriculum on a schedule defined by you.

Doubt clarification spaces

Got stuck? Have a question? an idea?
Jump into our community and get your questions answered from our mentors or other students. Collaborate, ideate and solve.

Code review & assignment feedback

Get detailed and personalised review on your code, and how to optimise it from industry practitioners. Get valuable feedback on your work that will help you become a better programmer.

Guided projects with best practice

Fully guided projects with our mentors to help you build what you have learned. Learn the best industry practices, tips and the software development lifecycle from professionals who do it everyday.

Career Guidance

Best practices to build your profile, interview prep, networking and applying for your first role in the software industry.

Explore Learning Models
Experience-based learning

Experience is the key to success.

  • Delivered through industry-standard coding practices
  • Learning to build software in a team
  • Right mix of tech, process and tools
  • End-to-end product development experience
Domain Specialisation

Expertise within a specific domain

  • Build products in specific domains like ed-tech, fin-tech, etc.
  • Get domain specific best practices, tools and knowledge
  • Specialise in a domain to dramatically increase your chance of getting hired.
  • Mentorship sessions from domain tech leaders.

What Laghu Guru students have built

Some portfolio projects past students have built with domain specialisation:

Official Android wallet for the Fantom public main-net, allowing users to store and transfer FTM from one account to another.

Features include:
- Generate Wallet
- Share QR code to receive payment from others
- Make payments to others by scanning their QR code
- Able to delegate stake to validators

The Networker is a first ever platform created for networkers to share views and thoughts around the globe.

Browse through 28000+ mother and baby products on your fingertips. No matter what you are looking for babystore app has all that you need from tummy to toddler phase

Choose an engagement model that works for you.

Start your career path with a self managed or a bootcamp-style accelerated program.

Start your career path today

The fastest alternative to a degree for your career in technology

  • Faster ROI than any degree program
  • Comprehensive, updated curriculum to keep you ahead of the curve
  • Live, 1-on-1 mentorship with software professionals to help you every step of the way
  • Building domain-specific projects for experience
  • Strong focus on fundamentals to help you ace interviews
  • Career path focus, beyond junior developer roles.

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Self Managed

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per participant, billed monthly. Time to complete: 3-6 mo.

What's included:


Comprehensive, guided program with a dedicated mentor. Build your own schedule and get the fastest ROI.


per participant, billed monthly. Time to complete: 3-6 mo.

Features include:

Meet your mentors

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